Oyako Day Photo Contest 2023 Winners

Period:2023/5/1 〜 8/31
Location:Instagram & Email

Special Prize
Bruce Osborn Award

  • Original print & photobook

All down for a swimming

SAISHO Hitomi, Fuchū City, Tokyo

This summer, the whole family was down in Okinawa where the sea is so inviting that we all took up snorkeling. Our 6 year old son took it all in stride: a natural swimmer, his first time snorkeling.


  • The CHOYA Gold Edition


TSUCHIYA Eri, Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture

News is we finished eating! so what are we waiting for?


  • The CHOYA Gift Edition

First time to the beach, whirling through air

MERKS Marina, Nakano City, Tokyo

Born just last year, this year was her first time to the beach. After getting her feet wet, Dad sent her for a whirl on his “Allez-oop”.


  • CHOYA Plum Juice (30 bottles)

Father & Son

KADOBAYASHI Kenshirō, Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture

Took this picture at this year’s Field Day. We were all so happy and had such a wonderful time, …such precious memories.

DAC NIKI Hills Prize

  • Fruity Weekend Juice Set

My Treasure

YASUDA Sonoka, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture

I caught them at their happiest.


  • Blu-ray “Ultraman Decker Final Chapter: Beyond the Departure”

That First Hug

ha_lu.829 (Instagram)

This was our first photo, our two sons meet & greet, taken shortly after getting back from the hospital. From that first tantalizing hug, big brother’s been so gentle and attentive, it makes me bleary-eyed.


  • Mottainai Campaign Goods


NAKAGAWA Yūki, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture

We were waste deep in a field full of rape blossoms when our child suddenly decided that it was “masks off, no need for that out here!”.

The cat and me

IIDA Yoshiyuki, Hiratsuka, Kanagawa Prefecture

My mother’s in a wheel chair now, but with her cat along, it’s actually quite enjoyable.

Grape picking 101

KUSUDA Sōjirō, Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture, Kyushu

Grape picking was a first for all of us… We had such a wonderful time stuffing ourselves with grapes, surrounded by a world of dappled light and sweet aromas. I don’t think we’ll ever forget it.


  • Oyako Day Original Goods

Good Morning !

KIM Kirari, Amagasaki City, Hyōgo Prefecture

It’s Dad’s birthday ♥ We lit up the candles and whooped up a welcome. Happy birthday dad!! the one who comes home tired and worn from shifting home to work and back again and again. It’s rough, but we love you for it !

Where We Were One

iccha_yuki (Instagram)

What makes me marvel is how this father of ours can see things from his child’s perspective, move along at the same pace and make our child’s discoveries feel so important.

White Wall, Old Friend

koto_photo (Instagram)

I don’t know how often I’ve passed by this old, white wall, always thinking: “great place for a portrait !” But try holding down 3 kids for a selfie, a bit wild but we got it done.

Good Day for Smiles

AMANO Mari, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture

We hadn’t even moved in yet, but when we stopped by for a visit and discovered that our new, wooden garden deck was done: INSTANT PARTY! – we broke out the soap bubbles to celebrate …and when we left, our shiny, new deck was covered with stains.

All for One and One for All: by height ! \ (^o^) /

MURASA Asuka, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture

This time it was the Head Man who seemed to be having the most fun.

Hey Mom, seem to be falling here

TEZUKA Mitsuji, Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture

Hanging Out

yumama0604 (Instagram)

It was our son’s birthday. We used our clothesline for a photo booth.

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