Oyako Day Planning Committee

The purpose of this committee is to support Bruce and Yoshiko Osborn’s proposal to create Oyako Day. We believe the family is the core of our existence and the symbol of peace and hope for the future. Through creating this special day, we would like people to become more appreciative of everyday life and aware of the important roll the family plays in defining who we are.

Help us in our mission to create Oyako Day. We are seeking individuals and groups to help publicize it in the media, provide financial support, network with family and friends, or assist in anyway to make this day more widely recognized.

For information about Oyako Day and the Oyako Day Planning Committee contact us at


Oyako Day Planning Committee (As of  2022)

Yoshiko Inoue, Toshiro Inomata, Soichi Ueda, Miki Kajiwara, Shinsuke Kimura, Takeshi Sakurai, Jin Sato, Satoru Seki, Shigeru Tadokoro, Yuki Tanaka, Shunpei Tezuka, Asako Hirata, BRUCE OSBORN, Yu Matsuura, Mitsuhiro Miyazaki