Talk Event

You can watch the live streaming of the program on the above YouTube channel.
Live program schedule: Sunday Sep 18th., from 13:00 JST

Present to the Future / Online Talk Event Vol.5

Date: September 18, 13:00 – 13:45

During this online event, Bruce Osborn will be speaking from Gallery AWAI where he is having his “NATURE CALLS” exhibition and Tomoko Okazaki will be in Iriomote Island (Okinawa) where she is doing a workshop using marine debris collected on the beach. Satoshi Seki the navigator for this series, will be at a separate location in Tokyo. The theme of this event is “What is happening with the environment and how can we do to help.”

Tomoko Okazaki / Ocean Athlete & Journalist

Tomoko was born in Kamakura where she learned to windsurf. She is now based in Maui and travels the world covering surfing and other water sports in addition to snowboarding. She believes that the sea is the best school and wants to share what she learned with the next generation. Tomoko feels a sense of crisis about the pollution of our oceans and has been having workshops with children using marine debris. She believes in the important of making her workshops fun while creating an opportunity to think about the environment. “Trash 2 Treasure” is the title she has given her project of turning marine garbage into treasures while giving people an opportunity to think about the environment.

Facebook: Trash 2 Treasure

Satoshi Seki / Editor, Producer

Participated in the planning and editing of culture magazines such as POPEYE, BRUTUS, and Takarajima. In addition, he was the editor of science fiction magazines at Tokuma Shoten. Seki has gone on to produce a game version of the best-selling novel “Legend of the Galactic Heroes” along with PS software “Democratic Crisis!” Lately his work is focused on a variety of digital content. In addition he is a part-time lecturer at Nihon Kogakuin, director of the Stimulus Switch Research Institute, and a member of OYAKO Day planning staff.

Bruce Osborn / Photographer Oyako Day Originator

Bruce moved to Tokyo in 1980 to where he works as a commercial photographer. In addition to his OYAKO series and OYAKO Day projects, much of his current activities are centered on his photographs of marine debris. Micro plastics and other manmade pollution are having a great impact on the oceans and its sea life. Bruce collects the debris and brings them to the studio where he creates colorful graphic design with them. He feels that these items are not to blame for the pollution, it is man’s disregard and wastefulness that created this environmental problem. Through his “NATURE CALLS” photos, Bruce hopes to draw awareness to this issue while showing even trash can be made into something beautiful.