Oyako Day Photo Contest 2024

Oyako Day Photo Contest 2024!


Oyako Day Photo Contest 2024 is currently held at Instagram,


Title: Oyako Day Photo Contest 2024
Organize: Oyako Day Planning Committee
Sponsors: DAC Group
Cooperations: Mainichi Shimbun
Support: Ministry of Education
Theme: Oyako means parent and child in Japanese. Please post your photos of Oyako or other Oyako images.
Submission: Post your Photo(s) in Instagram with a title, some comment (a short episode, etc) and a hashtag “#2024親子の日写真コンテスト“. Video is also accepted. Follow our official Instagram account @oyakoday, if you like.
Deadline: Contest ends on August 31, 2024
Prize-winning photos will be announced on the website at a later date.
Judges: Winning photos will be judged by Oyako Day Planning Committee members.
Prizes: To be announced




Please apply if you agree to the following.

* Amateur and professional photographers may apply, but submitted photos must be unpublished.
* When submitting more than one photos, post each one separately.
* The copyright is retain by person who took the phots but Bruce Osborn, Oyako Day Planning Committee, and their sponsors have permission to use them for publicity and promotion for free.
* Personal information you provide will only be used for things related to “Oyako Day” and not for other purposes.

Applicant’s personal contact information will only be used by the Oyako Day Planning Committee and Oyako Day Campaign staff to inform the contest winners.
Unless applicant agrees, we will not give this information to third parties.