The fourth Sunday of July is Oyako Day
Oyako Ambassadores Comments
From parent to child and child to parent, please write a message for 'Oyako Day.'

Atsushi Watanabe(actor)
Thank you for Oyako Day! When I see all the terrible stuff in newspapers recently, I can't help but think about how important the family is. Since I've become parent, I think a lot about what we can to do for our children. Oyako Day can become an occasion full of joy, when we think together about the family and peace. Let's make it happen!
Fumito Morikawa(attorney)
The family is a symbol of peace.
Mariko Drayton(Ginza Venture Club)
I'm so happy to have gotten such a great picture of my family. I sincerely hope that Oyako Day will spread all over Japan and the World. The Venture Club is going to support it and plan our own set of events to celebrate Oyako Day.
Masumi Senbongi(sound creator)
We love our family picture. My father's must be taking it around to show everybody. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.
Midori Yoshida(writer)
Great job! I'm thrilled at how successful it is. I hope the message of this day will spread throughout the land and Oyako Day will become an annual event.
Mina Uchida(office worker)
Thanks for taking such a wonderful picture. I framed the photo with all five of us together and gave it to my father for his birthday. We will never forget this day and want to do all we can to spread the Oyako Day joy to others.
Nobuhiko Obayashi(film director)
Families: being together, living together. It's a step towards world peace.
Rambo Minami(singer-song writer)
The kingdom of parent and child is the smallest in the world. If there's a happy and active life in each little kingdom, the whole world profits. I support Oyako Day as a day for all of us to take a look at our little kingdoms and make them a happier place.
Shintaro Gomi(event producer)
We had a wonderful Oyako Day. It really is a nice idea, isn't it? I think it's something that should spread. At any rate, our first Oyako Day was a very happy one.
Soichi Ueda(Think the Earth Project)
What a wonderful idea to take pictures of parents and their children. Thanks to Bruce, Yoshiko, and 2003 Oyako Day, I got in touch with my parents for the first time in who knows how long. When I look at the photo, we look so happy... From parent to child, and child to grandchild: it's so basic we tend not to think about it. Oyako Day should become a time when we stop and look at what we have. I feel this is an important day and I'm ready to participate in yearly.
Takao Norikoshi(writer)
What a wonderful photo! Thank you! My parents will be so pleased. Let's do all we can to make Oyako Day successful.
Takashi Ishizu(designer)
Thank you for a marvelous Oyako Day. I enjoyed seeing all the faces of the different families as they passed in front of the camera.
Toshiro Inomata(CM director)
Even though we're living together, I'm so busy most of the time. On Oyako Day my daughter and I spent the whole day together. Being at the studio that day was a wonderful occasion. Ask anyone who participated. I'm ready to help out and become part of the Oyako Day planning committee. Look forward to seeing you all next year.
Yoko Tsurumaru(photographer)
Having been a close part of the lovely things that Bruce and Yoshiko are doing, I feel an unforgettable warmth and happiness. I'd guess it's true, blood ties really are the bedrock of human relations.
Yasuo Tsunoda(civil service worker)
Well done, Bruce! Our picture was a moment for me to think about my family and about our different relations: family, husband and wife, parent and child. All in such a concentrated period, it was a really precious opportunity. When I look at the picture, I remember how naturally it was taken. How happy we were while being a bit camera shy all the while. I'll be showing it off to everyone who visits, such a wonderful memory, thank you again.