Oyako Day Essay Contest 2018

Send us an essay about your family. This contest is open to everyone and there is no fee for entering. Example subjects: “now we can laugh about it”, “an unbreakable tie”, “an unforgettable memory”, “now that I’m a parent, I finally understand”, “what a crazy family”
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SEND: E-Mail:essay@oyako.org
Please write “Oyako Essay Contest” as your e-mail’s subject line
Mail: OYAKO DAY 2018 Essay Contest
P.O.Box 13 Hayama-machi, 240-0199 Japan
APPLICATION DATES: Contest ends July 23, 2018
Prize-winning essays will be introduced on website at a later date.
JUDGES: Winning essays will be selected by the Oyako Day Planning Committee members.
PRIZE: Grand Prix: 1 person
A special selection of local product from Kamaishi-shi, Iwate prefecture
OTICON Prize: 3 persons
Sennheiser HD 65 TV Headphone HD 4.40 BT

10,000-yen Shopping Coupons

Mottainai Towel & Handkerchief set

TSUTAYA Prize: 1 persons
Original Photo Essay Book

※ Sample image

TSUBURAYA PRO Prize: 1 person
Ultraman Geed “Tsunaguze Negai!!” Theatrical version special Blu-ray Box

OYAKO Prize: 5 persons
Oyako Day Original Goods



Please apply if you agree to the following.

* Amateur and professional writers may apply, but essay must be unpublished.
* Your essay will not be returned.
* When sending more than one essay by e-mail, send each one separately.
* The copyright is retain by person who wrote essay but Bruce Osborn, Oyako Day Planning Committee, and their sponsors have permission to use essay for publicity and promotion for free.
* Personal information you provide will only be used for things related to “Oyako Day” and not for other purposes.

Applicant’s personal contact information will only use by the Oyako Day Planning Committee and Oyako Day Campaign staff to inform the contest winners.
Unless applicant agrees, we will not give this information to third parties.